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Vita Quest 

Transformation Resources

In Pursuit of Good Health and an Ideal Body - What more could a girl want?

At Vita Quest Transformation Resources we go way beyond Diets and Dieting and Diet Foods.  We take the deep dive into the real Cause behind that stubborn weight and/or chronic health issue.  At Vita Quest we roll up our sleeves and jump into the deep end with you, as you learn to understand yourself and then to like and forgive yourself and ultimately to say hey "I discovered this amazing love for myself" and it's not only Ok but it's ESSENTIAL.  Feel like rolling up your sleeves and crossing over  (attraversiamo) to Natural Wellness and Weight Loss that is effortless? It just takes the intention to take small manageable steps to learn all about your body and Nervous System.  KNOWLEDGE IS THE MISSING INGREDIENT IN YOUR DIET! 

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The Perfect Weight & Wellness Plan made just for You because YOU ARE UNIQUE! 

There’s no single solution to every person’s weight loss problem. At Vita Quest Transformation Resources, I strive to identify the root cause of your struggles and provide an effective and personalized approach to address these problems.


By far, the service that I find the most effective is listening and learning as much as I can about your life experiences so far.  I also thoroughly enjoy using food and supplements to help people just like you to overcome all kinds of conditions - some life threatening like in the case of a dear friend and client I will call Joleen.  She had Vaginal Cancer for many years but it wasn't until we hunkered down in the trenches and really got into HER STORY and severe nutritional deficiencies that she was healed.  I have before and after pictures to prove what many people were not able to help her with. Her doctor was as surprised as she was. 

My 20 years as a part-time clerk in over 12 Health Food Stores taught me a lot about supplements, organic foods and personal care items. My Masters Thesis was on Acidosis - Health Risks and Solutions.  Did you know that emotions will make your body very acidic?  My favorite Nutrition Professor plays in the background as I test new gluten-free recipes for my newest cookbook. 

A service that evolves naturally, as clients begin to apply my nutrition and counselling services is what I like to call my S.O.S. Service.  As life happens we can't or don't always want to book an hour appointment with a consultant.  We need it in real time.  When I take a new client in I organize my life to be on call until I hear and see evidence that you are creating a New Normal.  Change is one thing that many people avoid but trust me when I say when you "get a mitt and get in the real game of life" it becomes very exciting.  You will have tools in your personal development toolbox that will get you out of any scrapes you may find yourself in but better yet will help you to avoid them all together!  Many of the techniques I offer require gentle learning and  understanding this is why YOUR STORY provides a solid platform to start from.  

My S.O.S. Service offers people a safe place to land until they grasp their New Perspectives, New Language and Food Agility.  Don't worry about the "Diet" we will create the perfect menus for you wherever you are.  There will be a small learning curve and an adjustment in how you see "Diets and Dieting" because for years you have been very misinformed by no fault of your own.  

As a former Fitness Instructor and Fitness Centre Owner I include a simple, effective fitness program along with a therapy for balancing your Nervous System.  This may sound like a tall order but "real life experience" is what I have to offer.  I have been there - a whole book full! I know what it is like to be scared, alone, sick, hospitalized, broke, grieving and addicted.  I have lost most family members to Cancer, Heart Disease, Drug and Alcohol Overdose, Suicide and Domestic Violence.  My Empathic Apprenticeship was intense but my Faith and desire to live in my body naturally, beautifully and to fulfill my Life Purpose meant more to me than anything else.   

As humans, most of what really sets the tone for our lives happens before the age of 7.  Most likely by now you are familiar with the idea of Core Beliefs and how they can be like self-fulfilling prophecies.  In my newest book I really delve into the impact that words and thoughts have on our entire life experience.  My research and personal experiences have taken me deeper than Core Beliefs, into pre-birth, birth and up to the age of 7.  Many of our childhood experiences could not be stored in words, therefore our body stored them as a sort of "note to self" but in sensations that caused a change in behavior.  Ever walk into a potential new home and walk out real fast because it gave you the creeps?  Another example may be "I'll walk softly so I don't wake the sleeping angry parent".  If this happened often enough without you even knowing it "you walked softly" everywhere.  As an adult you might make an excellent spy.  Behaviors learned during our formative years (without words) make us act and live in unconscious ways.  We do things without thinking - they were our normal for up to sixteen years so they became habits - but not necessarily good ones.  Some of these habits we had to do to keep a roof over our head - there were serious consequences - our survival was threatened so our body isn't about to just say "well go ahead and do it" without it trying to get our attention.  The reality is; this behavior might have saved your life at one time but outside your childhood home it might threaten your existence.  Obsessive/Compulsive behaviors fall under this category. These types of memories are called "Implicit Memories" - memories that are stored "in the body as sensations not in words".  These sensations might create excess weight or even breathing difficulties as an adult - which was the case for me. "Explicit Memories" are memories we recall like "grandma smelled so nice" and I love the sound of the ocean waves in Mexico I can still hear them today".  "Procedural memories" on the other hand are the "riding a bike" kind - they become habits and we don't have to think about them anymore.

In my case I was incubated in the womb of a two pack a day smoker and 16 years of second hand smoke.  In order to survive (now seen on ultrasounds) I taught myself to hold my breath or at the very least to breathe shallow to avoid inhaling the smoke.  A behavior that saved my life at one time but resulted in over 12 years of regular hospital visits to finally uncover the cause.  It was not ordinary anxiety - it was called Developmental Trauma. My body created a breathing pattern and I had to retrain my body and nervous system that it was safe to breath fully and deeply. Breathing will deeply affect the comfort and relaxation of our nervous system and cause cortisol in the body which can cause weight changes - both up or down. Many people suffer from shallow breathing and tight abdominal muscles but they don't realize it partly because we live in a "just get over it" society. We might think we are over it but our body stores and releases traumas in an entirely different manner - for starters it (our body) has to feel safe.  We cannot learn when we are in Sympathetic Dominance (fight, flight or freeze).  Somewhere in time, like you if you are reading this -  I made a promise to heal myself naturally (without drug intervention - I wanted to feel my highest high and my lowest low - I did not want to be numbed out to my feelings).  I also wanted to be a model and a Home Economist.  My mother thought I should be a secretary.  So here I am typing to you about food and feelings in order to balance my economy! If you don't believe YOUR STORY MATTERS stop, take a look around and see how far the APPLE has fallen from the TREE! I thoroughly enjoy getting into the EMOTIONAL TRENCHES with a touch of NUTRITIONAL KNOW-HOW and baby we can go a long way towards uncovering the absolute best version of you.  Don't you dare let anyone tell you otherwise! If you can IMAGINE IT YOU WILL BECOME IT! "

"If you don't know where you are going any road will take you there"! Once I learn all about YOUR STORY and I teach you some very effective letting go techniques the fun begins!  I will help you to transform yourself by bringing forth the IMAGE you already have inside!  I love fashion and if you are in my country I can offer you a personal shopping trip to your favorite second hand boutique.  Why second hand boutique you might ask? When you let go of old beliefs and traumas your body weight including fluids are released slowly but permanently.  During this transformation your perspectives will shift as well and so will your style, confidence and even your walk! 

"To Thine Own Self Be True", Shakespeare and Momma 

The Vita Quest Transformation Resources

Coming January 1, 2022 -  "The Slim Switch, A Holistic Approach to Weight & Wellness"  Stay tuned and pre-order your copy today!

The Slim Switch - A Holistic Approach to Weight & Wellness!  my newest book coming January 2022!

Send me your email so you can be one of the first to receive a copy. This book is loaded with fabulous can-do recipes and a NEVER REVEALED BEFORE CONCEPT of thought provoking tips to shift your Perception and your Weight!  If in fact it is true that our thoughts create much of our reality then you will not want to miss this mind-bending shift in weight loss reality! If 6,000 Robots can operate machinery in Japan we can do this! 

Learn how to become "BRAIN FULL" long before the need to become "BELLY FULL". Learn how one very readily available nutrient can tame the cravings monster faster than you can think it!  Tip: it's not a Diet Pill!  If there was a SWITCH in your BRAIN that could help you lose weight fast, would you flip it?



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