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Vita Quest 

Transformation Resources


It does not involve any pills, heavy lifting or counting calories.  I just need a few minutes of your time. Losing Weight & getting Well Naturally can be affordable and portable. In fact, it is so easy that the hard part will be accepting that maintaining your weight and really liking who you are can be THAT SIMPLE! 

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Your Transformation to a Healthy Lifestyle begins now...

Anaya Sinclaire, MASC. 

Nutrition Specialist since 1983

Psychology Diploma w/Honors 

Sports & Fitness Diplomas - USA, Canada, Australia

Certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader 

National Bestselling Author and Speaker

  1. Losing weight and getting healthy requires some discipline and a super sized portion of KNOWLEDGE in order to achieve it and maintain it. Many people do not adopt a healthy lifestyle until they are forced to.  At Vita Quest Transformation Resources, I’m here to help you to adopt a healthier lifestyle ahead of the Curve. I begin by learning all about YOUR STORY both past and present.  YOUR STORY MATTERS because it holds the history of your food relationship and your personal relationships.  All of these food and feelings add up to many of the circumstances in your life including your weight and wellness. 
  2. As a Clairsentient Empath I tap into many of the emotional triggers that may be causing some of your weight issues.  
  3. As a Nutrition Specialist for over forty years I can do the math where your total food intake is concerned (and I don't just count calories) I count nutrients.  I look for any gaps in important nutrients that are absolutely ESSENTIAL for keep your cells firing on all cylinders ESPECIALLY YOUR BRAIN!  I plus and minus nutrients from any supplements or super foods you already take and I subtract nutrients caused by any medications you are currently taking. I have a keen eye for identifying the nutritional deficiency's and habits that may be causing an imbalance in your biology causing you to want to overeat and under exercise.  I have been very successful in helping people with Heart Disease, Addictions and even Cancer.  I keep abreast of medical advances and nutrition with regular courses and studying. When we are out of balance our brain makes the necessary adjustments to ensure our survival. One of them is to slow our metabolism to conserve not only food but the desire to move, dance and be active.  

After we identify any emotions that may be stuck or issues that are being recycled I can help you to "unpack" the emotions that are sabotaging your weight loss efforts.  I offer many very effective ways to help you to rebalance your body and your thought processes.  It's easier than you think.  Little changes made every day make a huge impact on your self-esteem and the IMAGE you hold so dearly inside just waiting to be let out to play.  You think it's weak will but I am here to tell you it has nothing to do with weak will and everything to do with biology and balancing your Nervous System using awareness through movement.  What you are eating, when and how you are eating it can either tell your BRAIN I am full that's enough or NEVER FEEL SATISFIED.  By far the worst part of this is not wanting to move. Over time the multiplication of this loop has devastating effects on your mind, your mood and your muscles. The more muscle you have the greater fat burner your are! 

Every new behavior feels very uncomfortable to begin with, but I can assure you I will help you to take baby steps on becoming your own absolute best friend.  

We have been fed a big "FAT" lie where diets and dieting are concerned.  I am a part of an organization for responsible nutrition.  Our Food Producers are not required to list the number of teaspoons of sugar on the label.  They claim if they did it would reveal their PROPRIETORY recipe to their competitors.  In 2013 the average person consumed 157lbs of sugar per year.  By reducing sugar to 9 tsps. per day for men and 6 tsps. per day for women and by adding one very important BRAIN BUSTING NUTRIENT you will be so amazed at the Food Control you will gain and the weight you will lose! And folks that's My PROPRIETORY HEALTH secret! Every food encounter from now on will include a small amount of this BRAIN - GUT BUSTING FOOD that STOPS CRAVINGS COLD! It's just going to take a little Education and you will be off and running again!  The whole family is also involved - no diet pills required. 

My job is to teach you how to eat for the year 2021 to tell your BRAIN to stop eating.  Our World has really changed and the old Calorie in Calorie Out Diet Dogma of the past is dead! Allow me to shed light on an old program that statistically is causing not only an Obesity Epidemic but a staggering number of Diabetics by the year 2050.  The worst part is it's not the overweight that are at risk. 70% of the World population (Tofi  - thin on the outside fat on the inside) don't even realize the damage that their diet is having on their total health care and our Medicare System especially where Diabetes and Heart Disease are concerned.  In the United States if World Obesity turns at the current rate the US Medicare system will be broke by the year 2026.  Ref. Fructose 2.0 by Dr. Lustig U of C.  

And finally, did you know that most heart attacks happen at 9am on Monday morning and that most heart attack patients never had any warning signs.  It didn't earn the title "Silent Killer" for nothing! Today, a big threat looms and it's not Obesity it is called Metabolic Syndrome - a name given to a group of conditions you may recognize: 

Type 2 Diabetes

Cardiovascular Disease



High Blood Pressure

Many, if not all of these can easily be solved by Diet & Lifestyle. 

Change Your Thinking, Lose the Weight!

A Conscious Approach to Achieving Optimum Health & Weight Loss

You are reading this because you frustrated with your attempts to lose weight? Maybe you are also tired of criticizing yourself for being overweight? Learn how to take control today!  Begin by being open to new perspectives - doing the same thing and expecting the same results is really demoralizing.  

Ever notice that "Diet Mathematics" don't seem to add up i.e. calorie in calorie out? If that was the case true low calorie dieters would be smaller than twiggy because the truth is "they do not eat"! Take Don for example: a retired prison guard who lives in the United States.  

Don ate his first one thousand Big Mac's by the age of 19.  In 2011 Don celebrated eating his 25,000th Bic Mac (a whopping 14 million calories).  If calories really mattered this man's diet would have certainly added up to a very obese person but Don was of average weight. The Fast Food Industry generates revenue of 570 billion dollars a year!

 Ref: History 101 Fast Food

Many weight loss programs still focus on choosing Low Fat and Low Calories.  In 2010 the American Heart Association debunked the Low Fat myth.  Low fat did not reduce Heart Conditions and in fact Obesity from Infancy on has hit Epidemic Proportions. The underlying foundation for long term weight loss and achieving a healthy body lies in other factors. This unique weight loss program teaches you the skills you REALLY need for achieving and maintaining your ideal weight IN THE YEAR 2021.  It is essential that you understand how to FEED YOUR BRAIN.  When you FEEL and see the tremendous results from eating the way I will teach you and explain in my book (due to be released in January 2022) at first you will be very angry that "you were had"! A lot of money is made from bad diet information and processed foods that "hook" people's appetites.  I intend to UNMASK THE TRUTH about weight and holistic wellness both in my book, with your special interest group or as my private client.

In this powerful weight loss strategy you will learn:

  • the two most important steps you MUST take for success
  • the vital questions to ask when you assess your eating habits
  • how to make small changes that yield big dividends over time
  • the mental skills for success with weight loss
  • visualizations for helping you achieve your goals
  • emotional and spiritual skills you need for achieving the healthy body you want
  • how to create a unique food and exercise plan to fit your lifestyle

Mission Statement

My Mission Statement is to teach people to know their own mind and to be true to themselves.

How It All Began

I have been helping people improve their relationships with food and feelings since 1983. It all started from my search to heal naturally. Since then, I have left no stone unturned for answers to my health issues. I achieved a MASC Degree in Holistic Nutrition in 2005 with honors in Psychology as well as a wide variety of Sports and Fitness Diplomas along the way.

I have two beautiful daughters and almost three grandchildren. Their families live very healthy lifestyles. I have owned and operated a fitness center in British Columbia, traveled extensively, and helped countless people reclaim their health—from babies to seniors. I also learned that our body has exceptional healing potential.

Since most of my problems stemmed from Digestive issues I learned early to include a fermented food daily as well as "ESSENTIAL RIGHT FATS".  As an O Blood type I learned that I felt the best when I ate lean proteins (wild or organic), wild fish, free range organic eggs, a little aged cheese, small amount of Organic Tri Jasmine Rice(white, black, red) or Gluten-free Sprouted Bagels, butter not margarine, no wheat or sugar at all and mostly vegetables.  I think my addiction is to popcorn but only home popped organic with plenty of fresh butter and Himalayan Salt.  At 5' 3" I stay pretty steady at 104 - 107lbs.  The minute I sense excess fluids I increase my protein and decrease my portion size of gluten-free products.  NEVER ANY SUGAR! 

My Weight & Wellness book will be released in January 2022.  It contains plenty of wonderful gluten-free baked goodies using alternative flours and honey or coconut sugar.  I use plenty of organic herbs and organic teas to increase the antioxidants in my diet from foods.  My grandmother was a Diabetic and my mother suffered from bouts of low blood sugar.  There were no other hereditary conditions so I concentrated my efforts on learning how to cook Atkin's style back in the 70's.  I will soon celebrate my 68th birthday and I am in the best shape of my life.  Having been raised on a farm I really loved root vegetables and squash of all types - beets were a staple in our farming diets.  I will often use root vegetables and squash in place of any grains when I feel sluggish or bloated.  I love the Vitamin A I receive from the Squash family and my eyesight has actually improved.  I don't believe in eye glasses per se - they are another Health Industry.  Our eyes are surely the window of our soul and they are very dependent on "ESSENTIAL RIGHTS FATS", Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin C to keep the tiny arteries in our brains flowing.  Autopsies in Canada show zero Vitamin A stores in the liver.  

Further along the road less travelled, I discovered that each person has an "Optimum Carbohydrate Limit" and that the secret to maintaining weight was to figure the precise amount before my clients started to retain fluid and increase cravings.  We have only been eating grains and dairy products for a few thousand years.  I really found the Blood Type Diet to be tremendously true when it comes to the best foods for our Genetic makeup.  Our body does know best.  It's not easy limiting the number of carbohydrates today, simply because of the number of times of exposure.  But therein lies the problem.  We are not out hunting and gathering anymore(unless you are homeless on the streets of New York) but we are consuming way too many starches and sugars for our drive through convenient life.  This is a mathematical problem on one hand but NOT A CALORIE IN CALORIE OUT issue because not all calories contain the same energy.  So, THE BIG DIET TASK IS to limit the exposure to sugars and starches and add one KEY NUTRIENT that is missing in almost every diet out there except a Holistic One. "ESSENTIAL RIGHT FATS" IN THE RIGHT COMBINATION OF MACRONUTRIENTS is the WINNING WEIGHT LOSS FORMULA!  Believe me - it may sound complicated but that is what you need a consultant like me for.  Once you know the formula it will be as simple as driving your car. It's just knowledge - but you have to want it! The one thing I really limit in older individuals or anyone with a lot of weight to lose is the number of servings of fruit. I will assist you with adding a very important BRAIN NUTRIENT to help you feel satisfied faster, feel calmer, improve your moods and your waist line! It's a tall order but that is where I come in as your Nutrition Coach and only for a very short period of time. 

In the '50s, many women returned to work, and babies were no longer being breastfed. I was one of these unfortunate babies. In my newest cookbook, which will be published by January 2022, I will discuss how this affects our digestion and our relationship with food and feelings. We will dig into your "feelings" during YOUR STORY telling and unpack any left over emotions that may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Food and Feelings Folks - both need a whole lot of honesty. My quest to heal naturally uncovered some very important health truths about the role that our gut microbiome plays in both our emotional and physical health.  These very important microbes are implanted at birth and when they are not because we are bottle fed many health conditions like IBS, Anxiety, Depression and malabsorption of all type ensue.  80% of the information about our appetite, health, blood sugar goes from the Gut to the Brain.  A whole new Diet Frontier just opened up to you - so please go gently into the night and let go of what you think you know about Dieting and walk this way with me for the sake of your Health and mine!

My newest cookbook contains some of the recipes in my first National Bestselling Cookbook, "Cheat...just a little", along with some of my latest gluten-free recipes. It is loaded with great new ideas for SWITCHING YOUR PERCEPTION where weight loss is concerned and MOST recipes contain a "RIGHT FAT BALANCING ACT" explanation to help you to apply your new information. 

I love soups of all kinds, so be sure to check these out when you receive your copy! Soup is just such excellent healing food for the gut and our soul! My upcoming cookbook centers around the heart and soul of the weight loss issues and why diets have never worked and never will.


Hello, thank you so much for taking the time to learn about my services.  People that I have helped will all agree I am a bit like a Pit Bull - I don't stop until you "get it"!  By that I mean you have an effective working knowledge about how your body and mind really work in practical terms.  What makes you think the way you do and even make the food choices that may or may not be in your best interest. Like I said and it's worth repeating "Dieting and losing weight" is not a calorie in calorie out issue.  If it was then every dieter would be bone thin because most overweight people do not even meet their basic nutritional requirements.  Every behavior has a Biochemical Basis.  For years I have been teaching people that weight is less about WILLPOWER and more about Nutritional Know-how!  My job is done when you understand three important components: 

1.If you have undiagnosed hypoglycemia or on the verge of Type 2 Diabetes.  You might recognize a sudden change in mood or that you are extra thirsty and need to urinate more, these may be early warning signs of low blood sugar.  Did you know that most cravings and/or addictions are caused by low blood sugar?  When you weigh yourself you are weighing muscle, visceral fat - the fat that surrounds your inner organs (not healthy), subcutaneous fat (love handles just extra padding but not a health risk per se unless obesity becomes more than just a few love handles) and bone. So when you want to get on the scales as a measure of your success it will disappoint you -  especially if you are exercising and increasing muscle mass.  Skip the scales - find your favorite "weight pants" and let them be your gauge of success.  Put them in a special place.  They must be the ones that give you that "ah yes that's the me I like the best" or maybe even a belt loop smaller.

I will design a diet just perfect for your lifestyle, your budget and your family to help you to balance your blood sugar and eliminate unwanted cravings.  I will do this by using "ESSENTIAL RIGHT FATS" and specialized nutrients to satisfy you with less. Nothing I do comes with a huge price tag or a lot of follow up unless you find it helpful.  As a Nutrition Coach/Teacher I try to create independence by teaching you how your body works as opposed to following an outside program.  I want you to "feeeeel" your way thin!  I will take the time to learn a lot about your  history, your childhood food experiences and any and all traumas, betrayals, falls and accidents.  These all impact your weight - believe it or not!  Our bodies store these experiences differently then we do - this is why it's critical that you have someone on your health team who understands and can interpret your body language. When it comes to helping people balance their weight it is multi-factorial and I have the expertise in all the areas that we need to explore.  

Most of my claim to fame in my upcoming book is teaching people how to become "BRAIN FULL" before the need to be "BELLY FULL"!  (Allow me to interject my fees - I make it simple.  I charge $2.00 per minute for any consultation and I talk and type fast.  A service fee is added for house calls and each retreat I offer is unique to the content. You will receive a fully typed report with everything we discussed, menu ideas, recipe suggestions and even exercise.  If you need a shopping list, I can do that and even take you on a shopping excursion if you live nearby. I will even help you to organize and clean your pantry during a Nutrition House call. If you are interested in a Nutrition Consultation in the comfort of your own home please contact me for a free quote. Bring your friends and save with a group price. 

2. I will look seriously for any food sensitivities and allergies that may be affecting your health and weight. Food sensitivities and allergies will also affect your mood, definitely your food cravings.  Many people with weight issues really have food allergies that cause Edema (swelling).  Once the food allergies are identified it's almost instant weight loss. Our body treats foods it may be allergic to like a poison and so surrounds it with fluids to flush it out.  Water retention is a sure sign of either a food allergy or low potassium.  Many doctors reduce salt I increase potassium. Food allergies and food sensitivities differ.  One is usually a digestion issue the other may be immediately noticeable like shellfish or peanuts.  My job is to help root out these silent food intolerances.  

3. If you have undetected nutritional deficiencies you may experience all types of conditions from Heart (low Magnesium & Vitamin C), Joint Pain (deficient or non-existent Essential Fats), Schizophrenia (Niacin B3 Deficiency), Inability to Concentrate and Anxiety (B Vitamins), Anorexia (severe Zinc deficiency) to name a few.  

Please take a moment before you leave this section to make a note to self to research the signs of Low B1 Thiamine.  Many people today have removed grains from their diets and grains are a primary source of B Vitamins.  So many cases of Anxiety & Depression can be alleviated with the addition of B Vitamins and regular balanced meals. Low Blood Sugar will cause all types of anxieties.  Many dieters eliminate certain food groups.  These foods contain essential elements that help our body to utilize other nutrients.  All nutrients depend on each other like each of us.  

It is common in today's world to believe we don't have any deficiency diseases but if you stop to look at Dementia, Diarrhea, Dermatitis and even Death we are talking about Niacin a (Vitamin B3) deficiency.  My job is to get very specific with you. By filling the missing nutrient/s this will allow your body to regulate itself. Most weight problems are simply a lack of information.  By educating yourself about nutrition in general and seeking the advise of an experienced Nutrition Specialist like myself you will fast track your results.  Nutrition is not all about Willpower - it is about Biology.  For general information you may like to watch Dr. Eric Berg on You Tube.  He offers a wide range of Vitamin and Health Talks.  He has a large on-line audience.   

Consider me a Vitamin Detective among other things.  Nutrition is the Tip of the "Iceberg Lettuce" of services that I can offer you as we build an effective Lifestyle Recipe for your specific needs. 

I do offer group sessions and Retreats.  Please be sure to send me your information and I will keep you informed of my upcoming programs. 

Why Choose Vita Quest Transformation Resources

By choosing Vita Quest you are reaching deep within many Health Truths! There is no "sugar-coating the real weight culprit" at Vita Quest.  With over forty years of Nutrition Research, Seminars and time spent working in Natural Health Outlets I have learned THE most important diet strategies that work fast.  My program does not involve any diet pills, rigorous exercise routines or any universal menu plan.  You are unique, my job is to learn all about you, YOUR LIFE STORY, your goals, dreams, frustrations and yes your food likes and dislikes and especially your budget.  It's a tall order but like I said "I've got this" - "this is how my forty years added up" in order to help you subtract pounds effortlessly.  IT IS MORE ABOUT KNOWLEDGE THAN WILLPOWER and that my friends is your first Lesson! 

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